Monday, 22 March 2010

The Mediterranean as it Once Was...

If you have a car, TV, fridge (or any white goods), sofa, bricks or tiles, or basically anything that exists in the world that you don't want, it seems Croatia is the place to chuck it off the side of the road, maybe into the sea, maybe someone's garden, or maybe just into the bushes to rust for all of eternity, slowly releasing CFCs or leaking various chemicals into the otherwise untouched earth.

I've seen maybe 2 or 3 scenes that resemble Croatia's big marketing campaign (though in the rain they look less appealing) but the majority of the in-between has been dereliction and trash, with rocks and trees. That was the point of traveling in this way though - rather than just stepping off the plane or train in another beautiful city I'm seeing everything in between and getting a fairer overview of the country as it actually exists.
Unfortunately because of this I don't currently like Croatia much! There is still Split and Dubrovnic to redeem it though so I will withhold judgment for now.

After wild camping in the rain last night and 70 miles in the rain today I'm pretty tired and hungry so will sign off now on this Monday evening (22nd) to go and cook my dinner on the beach. As long as I don't look at the industrial units behind me that is at least a nice view. Zdravo, hvala and bok from Zadar.

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  1. Good work, Kris. Your mention of Rijeka took me back to 1974 - 4 days camping in Porec; wizened old women like mis-shapen potatoes in headscarves bent double as they worked their fields etc. Yugoslavia in those days of course. The threat of imprisonment for having long hair (maybe that was a rumour?!)... Anyway, my knees are sore just reading your posts... keep 'em coming. Tim - a 'Funkyfogey', following your ride.