Sunday, 21 March 2010

Day 35 - Croatia on a Sunday

Breakfast in Italy, lunch in Slovenia, dinner in Croatia. That was day 34. I'm currently in Rijeka on the Adriatic coast in Croatia about to start heading south (there's actually been very little Riding East on this trip so far).

So today is 5 weeks in and 12 days (today will be the 13th) without a day off the bike. That can mostly be explained by my mental state and the psychology of continually moving forwards. The next place I get to that has the right vibe I will book 2 nights in a hotel and leave the bike alone, aside from to give it a much-needed clean and check over and see how close that weld is to failing!

The day-to-day of riding and everything that it entails is fine done solo - I feel confident and capable - but stopping in a nice place for a coffee or a day off definitely feels like the difficult part when I'm doing this on my own. I have an attempt at a video diary which I will upload as soon as I find a faster computer which hopefully does a better job at explaining things as I'm somewhat lacking in inspiration at the moment.

My route over the next few days\weeks is along the coast to Dubrovnik via Split and then through Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and into Albania, the capital of Tirane being my new end-of-stage target. I've seen some pretty spectacular photos from this area so hopefully the reality will live up to it.

As I keep saying, a more detailed rounding-up will come when I can force myself to chill out for a bit longer, and more photos and video soon.

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