Tuesday, 16 March 2010

First Charitable Donation

Just a very quick one from Lake Garda. A full update to follow as soon as something happens other than cycling along a lake.

A big thank you is due to Mr Lawrence Neill who many of you will know from www.thetristore.com in Eastbourne - my friend and former (and possibly future) employer - for his donation made to World Bicycle Relief through Riding East.
See the info and click on the link to the right hand side to learn more or to make a donation yourself. Similar to the 'buy a goat\sheep\pig' idea, through WBR you can donate a bicycle to an individual or community - they're bought locally and mechanics are trained to maintain them locally - and the owner can get to work, school, a water source, shop, etc. in a lot less time and carry a whole load more stuff back with them (far more than I've got!) It sounds simple but in terms of empowerment it is vital. Think how often you jump in your car (or on your bike, hopefully) to pop to the shops and then imagine living 10 or 20 miles further away and having to walk there, AND still do the rest of the stuff you have to do with your day.

Hopefully a few more donations might come about and a few more people might receive a simple, life changing gift. Drop me a message or leave a comment if you do so I can thank you.

So, for kicking things off, cheers Loz.


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  2. Hi Kristopher
    Just wanted to let you know we have finally started the ball rolling with Unicef!
    We couldn't let you go through what you have so far without doing something!!
    Hope you manage to have a bit of R&R in Trieste and get some washing done!!!!
    Hopefully the weather will just get warmer now for a while!!
    Well done!
    Mum & Dad