Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bosnia, Dubrovnik, Montenegro, Fun.

Greetings from Kotor, Montenegro.
Things have been pretty much either way, way down or way, way up since the last update. There have been some very negative days indeed; bored of the surroundings, bored of the riding, bored of my own company, but their memory has been overwritten since Saturday evening when a string of very, very good days began.

Riding into Dubrovnik feeling pretty crummy and planning to hole up in a hostel or hotel on my own for a couple of nights and think through my options, I was overtaken (as I endlessly am, by everyone) by a loaded up motorbike with British number plates. We exchanged a wave and that was that, but further up the road he'd pulled over and I stopped for a chat. We exchanged numbers to arrange to meet up for a drink in the city but when I eventually arrived he passed me again, still looking for the hostel. There began a very odd pairing or cyclist following motorcyclist! On riding up to the hostel we passed a girl with a backpack who was to become the 3rd member of Team Dubrovnik. We ate together that night and spent the day in the old city on Sunday, completely transforming my entire experience. So thank you to Andy and Joste, I hope we can do the same again in another city.

And now here in Kotor I've spent the past day and evening with even more lovely, interesting people, including a couple who have driven here from South Africa and are on their way to Norway! Their Land Rover looked very cosy but I think the motorbike is the way to travel for me... (see below)

On to Albania tomorrow or, if it's raining, the day after.


  1. Wow Kris, those are awesome photos!! Enjoy Albania. Peter from Antwerp

  2. You look very cool on the motorbike and your feet would probably smell less if you were doing this trip that way but it wouldn't be as admirable as it is. So keep going!

  3. Hi Kristopher
    Yes, you do look very cool on the motorbike, just like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape!!
    Very suntanned too!!
    Stay safe, enjoy yourself

  4. klp, get a haircut :) thinking of you daily, enjoy each moment.
    p.s we had a bike in which weighed as much as your 'mass of pluto' machine, supposed to be a 'racing bike'!

  5. Hey Kris you little bastard,
    I'm not going to text you anymore as long as you don't say thanks for our birthday wishes!
    Lots of hugs from the Greek coast

    PS: huere Fätze!!!

    Leandra & Andrin