Thursday, 25 February 2010

Another quick one - Day 11

Just a brief one before I check out of hotel 'le Chatelet' in Luxembourg city (getting my money's worth with breakfast and internet) - the night of day 9 was spent in my hammock, in the rain and snow, in the middle of the Ardennes forest, hence my wimping out and getting a hotel last night, mainly to dry my smelly clothes (the Merino myth is busted - it DOES smell!). I have about 6 days and 300 miles till Geneva and I cannot wait for the friendly face, Swiss praline, shower and company of a friend that await. Leaving there will be the big test but we'll cross that bridge... etc.

As it's midday already (Thursday) it'll be a short one down to the Metz area and hopefully somewhere decent to camp. I definitely need to not make hotels a habit!

Just time for a brief bit of thinking - riding to somewhere gives a target and some direction and the reasurance of a warm dry bed but has the drawback of controlling the day's sights, routes and relaxation, whereas riding with no target at all allows you to take your time and enjoy the scenic route, but with the constant uncertainty about where to sleep. I'm not yet sure which I prefer.

I'm not sure where the next internet will be so keep an eye for the Ray Mears-esque camp photos!

Countries to date: 3
Miles to date: 486

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