Monday, 7 February 2011

Photos from Tokyo

Shibuya Crossing, one of if not the busiest crossing in the world, overlooked by one of the busiest Starbucks in the world. This is also the location of Shibuya station where Hachikō the dog (star of the movie with Richard Gere) waited for his owner at the same time everyday for 9 years following his death.

Having seen other photos of the crossing, this Sunday evening was apparently a quiet time.

Even so the crossing reloads with people with each-and-every phase of lights.
Tokyo is also home to the world's busiest station in Shinjuku, with an average of over 3.6 million passengers per day, which along with over 200 exits makes getting anywhere fast pretty tricky for the inexperienced.

The view over huge, sprawling Tokyo and across to the mountains from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku.

And that is Mt. Fuji, which you can see in the wide shot above under the cloud in the left third.

A more peaceful side of Tokyo in Asakusa, the ancient Downtown entertainment district.

The 634m 'Sky Tree', atop which are 2 crane operators who deserve a lot of money.

The rather strange bouffant-and-pointy-shoe look of the 'hosts' in Tokyo's Kabukichō red-light district - these guys all stand out on the street to 'catch' female customers, and who wouldn't be tempted? From Wikipedia; "a night of non-sexual entertainment could cost $500 to $600. A women's studies professor explained the phenomenon by Japanese men's lack of true listening to the problems of women, and by women's desire to take care of a man and be loved back".

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  1. Wow Tokyo is soo busy!! I love your photos (you should sell them to travel mags). I am learning so much through your blog, I wish I had done some travelling, still there is time yet! missing you as always. BS xxxxxxxxxxxxx