Saturday, 18 December 2010

1 Day in HK

The view from the proper Peak above Central on Hong Kong Island

The best pool in Asia?

Looking to the marine typhoon shelter and the International Commerce Centre on Kowloon, HK's tallest building

Nature continues to grow above Man's creation

I didn't expect to see a water(trickle)fall, though it does belong to the Island's water board

The afternoon sun on the city as it sets behind The Peak

Descending the steep path back down into the metropolis

This city literally is an Urban Jungle - trees, bamboo and palms grow all around the flyovers and skyscrapers, with the HK Zoological and Botanical Gardens even finding a space on the hillside

From solitude and peace to bustling crowds and noise - HK is a great city if, like me, you enjoy both

The HK Cultural Centre

The ever-incredible HK Island skyline (The Peak is right behind the buildings shrouded in darkness).


  1. Thanks for your posts, Kris, great stuff for the armchair cyclist (i.e. me). Also got your message from John. Merry Christmas to you too. Have a safe and happy New Year.
    Tim (Funkyfogey)

  2. I am also an avid reader of Going Slowly, and was pleased to have read that Tyler and Tara have stumbled upon another cyclist. They are truly an amazing couple; I first met Tyler in 2004, and he truly opened my eyes to love, travel, passion, etc... I sit here in New York, and continue to contemplate my next big move. But... what's holding me back? There are so many things I thirst for, and perhaps its time to set some goals.