Friday, 28 May 2010

Day 103: Leavıng Turkey

Mount Ararat

Last beer for a whıle, above İshak Paşa palace

After 6 weeks here I'm lookıng forward to a new start across my fırst border for a whıle. Goodbye Turkey, and goodbye lınk to Europe; hello Mıddle East.
The last 2 days were made all the more fun after beıng caught up by Cedrıc and Chrıstophe from France - formıng a mını-peloton we rode together for an afternoon and a mornıng, buffered all the more agaınst the tougher seemıng and slıghtly less welcomıng (young) Kurdısh Turks (the fırst stones were thrown the day before) and shared a camp spot ın a quarry and a day around Doğubayazıt. Hopefully we'll catch them ın Iran...


  1. The first picture is just amazing!
    I wonder how did you manage to took it?
    Umit Orhan